Keep your home. Keep it safe. Keep it High and Dry.

House raising, Helical foundation piles, Excavation, Demolition, 
Bulkhead construction, and Steel erection.  Prime and sub contracting.
Free and FAST estimates! Servicing NJ, NY and surrounding areas.

House Raising

We can raise your existing house up above flood levels to keep it protected from coastal flooding.  There are several options, which we can review with you.

Excavation & Demolition

We offer a full line-up of residential and commercial Excavation & Demolition services, including site prep and backfill & grading. 

Bulkhead Construction

Whether wood, vinyl or metal, we can construct a high quality bulkhead that will last for decades.

Steel Erection

Our AISC Certified Field Operations department specializes in steel erection of structures including warehouses, schools and a wide range of 2-3 story commercial and residential structures.

High and Dry House Raising LLC acknowledged & registered by NJ DCA

House Lifting in New Jersey
A recently passed New Jersey law requires that house lifting contractors meet certain criteria for insurance coverage, equipment, and experience. The law states that house lifting companies must receive a registration number from the state to be able to engage in any structural elevations. High and Dry House raising LLC has gone through this process, and is one of the very few legally registered house lifting contractors in New Jersey.

Be sure your contractor has the HEC registration and number to insure proper ability and insurance, and not just operating under another companies number. Or even worse, just claiming to "raise houses".

Our New Jersey State HEC Registration is: #13HE00003100